November 15 2008 18:00 | Holy Cross Church

Catholic Eucharistic Con-celebration

at the presence of the Christian Churches and Denominations

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Presided by

Leonardo Sandri

Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches, Holy See

A sign of unity among the Christians comes today from Cyprus

Video: Catholic Eucaristic Liturgy  (4' 29'')


Cardinal Sandri, Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, addressed the beginning of his homily to the Community of Sant’Egidio to its work for the dialogue: "The Community of Sant’Egidio is called to gather any fragment of communion among religions and peoples so that nothing be lost that can build the unity of humankind loved by the one God, Creator and Father. We promise to the Community prayer, sympathy and cooperation[Community of Sant'Egidio translation].

At the core of the cardinal homily the keywords for the dialogue: the dialogue is established recognising the differences and the peculiarities and patiently receiving our and other people's weakness.

“Welcome, patience and hope are the sound ways to feed the true talent built from the religions, (...) an extraordinary living force for the humankind”. [Community of Sant'Egidio translation] 

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