Bezirksregierung Muenster, Freiherr-vom-Stein-Saal

Münster: Domplatz, 1

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September 11 2017 09:30

PANEL 3: Economy and Social Justice


Theo Paul

General Vicar of Osnabrück


Bernhard Felmberg

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany

El Mostafa Higazy

Nasaq Foundation for Strategic Thinking, Egypt

Patrick Pouyanné

PDG of Total, France

David Rosen

Former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, AJC

Thomas Sternberg

President of the Central Committee of German Catholics

Laurent Ulrich

Catholic Archbishop, France

September 11 2017 16:30

PANEL 11: The Ages of Human Life


Felix Genn

Catholic Bishop of Münster, Germany


Stephen Conway

Anglican Bishop, United Kingdom

Mohamad Hassan El-Amine

Islamic theologian, Lebanon

Joachim Hake

Director of the Catholic Academy of Berlin, Germany


Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop, Romanian Patriarchate

Manfred Lütz

Primary Physician of the Alexianer Hospital in Cologne, Germany

Masaharu Matsuda

Tenrikyo Representative, Japan

Vincenzo Paglia

Catholic Archbishop, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Holy See

September 12 2017 09:00

PANEL 19: Rebuilding Iraq


Khadija Bengana

Journalist of Al Jazeera, Algeria


Jawad Al-Khoei

Secretary General of Al-Khoei Institute, Iraq

Abdulwahhab Ahmed Al-Taha Al-Sammaraee

Spokesman of Fiqh Council of Senior Scholars, Iraq


Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop, Syrian Church

Breen Tahsin

Yazidi Community, Iraq