From the South of the World an appeal to Europe: "Awaken conscience, fill the poverty gap"

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Making peace: the efforts and the relationships established by the Community of Sant'Egidio in many corners of the world are behind these two words. Guinea, Algeria, Indonesia, Ivory Coast are among the countries at the core of the debate in Barcelona, during the Meeting "Living together in a time of crisis".

Mrs. Rabiatou Diallo, President of the Transitional National Council of Guinea , has launched an "urgent appeal to our brothers and sisters in the North of the World: they might help to awaken conscience and fill the poverty gap."

According to Mario Giro, head of external relations of the Community of Sant'Egidio, the experience of St. Egidio in Mozambique, in Guinea and in Ivory Cost, shows that "peace is not only talks but also living together, building a compassionate society, work for rights, commitment against the death penalty and for improving life in prison" .

The President of the Islamic Council of Ivory Cost, Idriss Koudouss, addresses a heartfelt request to the international community, to supporting his country, and to Sant'Egidio, for increasing its efforts in the upcoming election, which could mark a turning point in the process of reconciliation.