The wisdom of world religions shows the way to create a more humane and just world: love will save the world.

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This was expressed by some personalities who attended the panel "Alms-giving and justice." In Europe, the growing poverty and those who are forced to depend on the charity of others are becoming more and more visible. Sometimes are people beyond suspicion, like well-dressed elderly asking a few coins in front of the supermarket to do their shopping. The city governments have focused on this problem more on the side of urban quality and safety than on the side of the protection of the poor. The ordinances that prevent from homelessness are obviously not a solution, because they simply push out the problem. This attitude towards the poor is not only sought in their increasing numbers and their inability to find answers. Today in our society, everything seems to be governed by market law, so you do something if you received a benefit from it. The alms-giving is totally outside from this logic and it is its exact turnover.

Giuseppe Laras, president of the Italian Assembly of Rabbis said that the right people that live love and justice will save the world, while Mustafa Çagrici, Grand Mufti of Istanbul, said that for Islam alms-giving is something special and every Muslim should understand its importance, while Ramadan is a real workout against selfishness.

Francesca Zuccari from the Community of Sant'Egidio spoke about the many friendships with the poor born from alms-giving. You start a chat on the sidewalk, then you give a sandwich, and so tours of redemption and friendship can start, real resurrections of people bent on the hardness of life that can find a better future in personal relationship and friendship.