"A globalized world needs more Europe. United Europe was born from the memory ofAuschwitz and repudiation of war"

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Marco Impagliazzo, president of the Community of Sant'Egidio, spoke at the Meeting in
Barcelona. "Europe, which embodies the culture of living together, is what is missing in a
globalized world, where an inhuman economy prevails - Impagliazzo said - and there's a fear of thinking ourselves big."

If the united Europe was born from the memory of Auschwitz and the repudiation of the
war, "the Europeans should not take leave from history, and should look not only to the past but also
to the future."

For Impagliazzo "it is a historical necessity to learn to live together, without imposing our own models of life and finding refuge in our own identity." Infact "Europe is increasingly
becoming the continent of religious plurality, and we must learn to dialogue with others. To
overcome the crisis we must learn to live together."