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September 12 2011 09:30

Panel 12 - What Future for the Arab World?


Vittorio Ianari

Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy


Laila Al-Shaikhli

Journalist of Al-Jazeera, Iraq

Ghaleb Bader

Catholic Archbishop, Algeria

Mohammed Esslimani

Islamic Theologian, Egypt

Sayed Hani Fahs

Supreme Shiite Islamic Council, Lebanon

Paul Yazigi

Orthodox Metropolitan, Patriarchate of Antioch, Syria

Fathi Mohammed Baja

Member of the National Transitional Council, Lybia

September 12 2011 16:00

Panel 24 - Women and Religion


Angelika Wagner

Community of Sant’Egidio, Germany


Anna-Maria aus der Wiesche

Christusbruderschaft Selbitz Evangelical Community, Germany

Tamara Chikunova

Human Rights Activist, Uzbekistan

Isabelle de Gaulmyn

Journalist of "La Croix", France

Siti Musdah Mulia

Representative of the “Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace”

Lisa Palmieri - Billig

American Jewish Committee, USA

Didi Talwalkar

Leader of the Swadhyaya Movement, India

September 12 2011 19:00

FORUM B - A Europe of Peoples: the Case of the Roma

hosted by Renovabis and Munich School of Philosophy


Michael Reder

Philosopher, University of Philosophy, Germany


Antonio Maria Vegliò

Cardinal, President of the Pontifical Council for Migrants, Holy See

Paolo Ciani

Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy

Nedialko Kalinov

Caritas, Munich

Monika Kleck

Renovabis, Germania

József Lankó

Responsible of pastoral care for the Roma, Hungary

Brigitte Mihok

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Martin Salm

President of “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” Foundation, Germany