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Orthodox Bishop, Ukrainian Church, Moscow Patriarchate

Address of the Metropolitan of Minsk and Sluck Filaret,
Patriarchal Hexarch of All Belarus
at the End of the Liturgy in the Munich Cathedral
11th September 2011

Your Eminence, dear Cardinal Reinhard Marx!
Dear brothers and dear sisters!

We have gathered in these days to take part in the International Meeting "Bound to Live Together. Religions and Cultures in Dialogue". I believe that addressing our prayer to the Creator is the best way to begin the work that lies ahead of us.
Our common desire to bear witness to the need and feasibility of peaceful coexistence among different religions and cultures to the world is what unites us all who have gathered here. We are aware of the unity of all humankind in its nature, and we commit ourselves to observe God's commandment of unity and love for one another.
With a grateful heart, I express the certainty that our meeting today is a step forward towards the unity commanded of us by our Creator.
I warmly greet and thank His Eminence, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, for the invitation to take part in this Congress and for the opportunity to meet His flock. Through His Eminence, please allow me to greet all the priests and religious brothers and sisters of His Archdiocese, who carry out a service of profound responsibility in the Church of Christ. For me it is a great joy to be here in this cathedral and meet you all, dear brothers and dear sisters.
I affectionately greet and thank also the Community of Sant'Egidio, and particularly Professor Andrea Riccardi, its founder, and Bishop Vincenzo Paglia, its spiritual Advisor. Your Community's is indeed an apostolic service, bringing people the love of Christ through its deeds of mercy and by preaching the Gospel. It is now many years that our Church cooperates fruitfully with the Community of Sant'Egidio. Your commitment not only does unfailingly arouse my personal appreciation and support, but it also produces good feelings among the pastors and faithful of our Church.
On behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, please allow me to greet all the participants to our Meeting, and in prayer wish that our work be fruitful in the days of Congress ahead.
May God's peace and blessings be upon you all, dear brothers and dear sisters beloved in Christ!