Residenz, Kaisersaal


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When the Kaisersaal was built by Duke Maximilian I in the early seventeenth century it was the largest and most important room for festivities in the Residenz. The ceiling is decorated with an extensive cycle of paintings by Peter Candid and members of his workshop. The pictures aim to demonstrate that Reason and Virtue should form the twin foundations of princely rule.

The figures in the three main images – the originals of which were destroyed in 1944 – symbolise Monarchy, Wisdom and Fame.

The theme of princely virtue is taken up by the tapestries, which are the work of the Dutch weaver Hans van der Biest. They depict exemplary heroes from classical antiquity and the Old Testament. The paintings at the top of the walls show episodes from ancient history and the Bible that in the seventeenth century were likewise viewed as models of virtuous behaviour.

The message of the images in the Kaisersaal culminated in a red porphyry figure of Virtue standing on the mantelshelf above the fireplace; the statue has not survived.

In the seventeenth century the Kaisersaal was reached via the Kaisertreppe (Emperor's Staircase), a spacious, magnificently decorated flight of steps ascending from the Kaiserhof (Emperor's Court).

The images in the Kaisersaal again represent princely virtue by means of paragons taken from classical antiquity and the Old Testament, while on the staircase sculptures related this theme to figures from Bavarian history, notably members of the Wittelsbach dynasty.

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12 Settembre 2011 09:00

Panel 3 - Lo spirito di Assisi: 25 anni di storia

12 Settembre 2011 16:30

Panel 15 - Le ragioni del convivere


Mario Marazziti

Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Italia


Franco Frattini

Ministro degli Affari Esteri, Italia

Oswald Gracias

Cardinale, Presidente della Conferenza Episcopale Indiana

Hermann Gröhe

Ministro della Salute, Germania

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Rabbino Capo di Turchia

Muhammad Khalid Masud

Membro della Corte Suprema, Pakistan

Pero Sudar

Vescovo ausiliare di Vrhbosna-Sarajevo

Din Syamsuddin

Presidente del Centro per il dialogo e la Cooperazione tra le Civiltà, Indonesia

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Panel 26 - 11 Settembre 2001 – 2011



Elder Metropolitan di Calcedonia, Patriarcato Ecumenico


Thomas Banchoff

Georgetown University, USA

Tonio Borg

Ministro degli Affari Esteri, Malta

Philip D. Murphy

Ambasciatore degli Stati Uniti d'America in Germania

Paul Poupard

Cardinale, Santa Sede

Mohammad Sammak

Consigliere speciale del Grand Mufti del Libano

Israel Singer

Rabbino, USA

Munib Younan

Federazione Luterana Mondiale