Riccardi: “Europe and religions for change. Otherwise we sit at the window”


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Materialism creates a society without a soul. So do religions when they want to usurp God.
Politics, as they stand today, are not sufficient in the face of the world economy’s crisis.
The civilization of living together needs Europe, a strong and united Europe. The weakening of Europe is a tragedy that unfolds slowly, with a habit of living without ideals, while European countries get old, like retirees with nothing to do but sit at the window and be left out of history. 
Religions and Europe are subjects that can make a contribution and create  change, resisting the misgivings that are spreading, with fear, in Europe. Without a spirit, it is clear today, it is not possible to create a society different from so many individualisms.
But a united Europe foreshadows universal solidarity, as Maurice Shumann said.