Middle East – CASMOUSSA (Patriarchal Syriac Catholic Auxiliary of Beirut): “A new alliance between Christianity and Islam”


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Appeal for an alliance between Christianity and Islam for a Mediterranean peace.

The appeal was launched at Sant’Egidio’s meeting in Munich by Georges Casmoussa, authoritative figure in the Lebanese patriarchate of Syro Catholics, who denied that extremist forces represented a majority in the Islamic world. “The moderate factions, which recognize the right to life and expression of others, should be encouraged”, said Casmoussa. “It is an option worthwhile for all religions”, he added, “if they want to keep in step with a modern and globalized world”.

The Catholic religious leader then spoke about citizenship for everyone, with no distinction for religion, sex and ethnic identity, “which suits both Christians and Muslims. Believers are called upon to put the accent on that which unites, in the spirit of Vatican II”.