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September 11 2019 - MADRID, SPAIN



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“Peace with no borders” is the title we have wanted to give this year to the Prayer for Peace in the Spirit of Assisi which will take place in Madrid from 15th to 17th September.

There will be hundreds of international guests the representatives of all the religions of the world and representatives of different worlds of culture including philosophers, sociologists, and other well-known cultural personalities because this Spirit of Assisi is engaging, with the years, more and more people.

This Spirit wants to bring together different worlds and this is why we have said “Peace with no borders”. It is as if the borders have risen in these past few years especially the ones in the Mediterranean or the ones dividing the USA from South America through Mexico as many other borders are rising between richer and poorer in the slums of the big cities of the world and towards the migrants, in general. Hence why we wanted to say “Peace with no borders” we wanted to say this 30 years from 1989 since that November when there was the fall of the Berlin wall the big frontier of these past few decades which has been demolished that had separated for decades the world of Europe.

That Berlin Wall that fell incited much hope. A lot of hope was born anew. Why are people re-building these walls today? Because there is a climate of fear generated by international phenomena and by poverty, by distrust including by what have been called populisms there are many reasons indeed.

This is exactly why us from Sant’Egidio believe that religions have a role to play in uniting, a role of unity attracting people to walk together because above all, when we fight for something for the poorest for migrants for the care of the environment to overcome injustices there can’t be a God that divides all of this has to unite and will unite us and in Madrid we will be there to work for a more united world for a world which overcomes borders the concrete, existing ones as well as the hidden ones the ones which can be seen and the ones which can’t be seen. We will be the first ones to pledge to rise above these borders. We will do so with hundreds of representatives from all over the world we will do so with many young people we will do so with hundreds and hundreds of volunteers which will come from all over Europe.

We will all participate to this event we will do so through live streaming, social media we will have many live transmissions throughout these days because we will want to give the chance to everyone to work, to live and imagine a world with no borders from Madrid and the entire world we will do this and we would be joyful if many will join us.