Borrell (EU) from Madrid: "An end to the law of the strongest. In Europe sovereignty is shared"

September 16 2019 - MADRID, SPAIN


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"At a global level, multilateral mechanisms are weakened in favour of unilateralism, which affirms the law of the strongest. The European Union is a counterbalance to this tendency. To affirm the necessity of Europe is like demonstrating the law of gravity: it doubtlessly exists."
From the meeting 'Peace with No Borders', organised in Madrid from 15 to 17 September by the Community of Sant'Egidio together with the Archdiocese of the Spanish captital, Josep Borrell Fontelles expresses his position for one of the first times after his nomination as the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs. "The challenge - he affirmed - is to be united in order to matter most. Sharing sovereignty is Europes contribution to the world. We are in a critical moment: at the UN, the vetoes of the grat powers on major decisions have increased exponentially. International trade agreements are in crisis. The pact with Iran has been dismantled and the international treaty on nuclear weapons puts nuclear stability at risk. The crisis of the Paris Climate Agreement, despite of the environmental crisis, is emblematic."
"Sharing sovereignty - Borrell concluded - is an ideal that is rooted in European history: after the defeat of the two totalitarian regimes in 1945 and 1989 our liberty was born, which is being affirmed by opposing the law of the strongest.”