"In ten years time, ten thousand childrend died along the borders of the world" #pazsinfronteras

September 16 2019 - MADRID, SPAIN


At the meeting 'Peace with No Borders', Pietro Bartolo and Hernandez Garcia talk about the dramatic events of Lampedusa and Messico - Adriana Gulotta: the response of the Schools of Peace: "When you study, you are able to respond with words"

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8.200 children have disappeared in Mexico since 2007, over 1.600 children died in de Mediterranean since 2014. These dramatic numbers emersed during the round table 'Children want Peace' that took place during the interreligious meeting 'Peace with No Borders' organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio and the Archdiocese of Madrid. Pietro Bartolo, the 'physician of Lampedusa' who visited more than 350 thousand migrants, explaining the dramatic events of children who died on their journeys of hope, "many of them in their best clothes", defended the work of NGO's working in the Mediterranean: "I was taught that he who saves a live should be considered a heroe. How is it possible that today those who save people who have been shipwrecked are considered criminals?"

His story was accompanied by that of Anabel Hernández Garcia, a Mexican journalist and writer of an enquiry into the connections between drug trafficking and the state and into the desaparecidos of her country: "From 2007 to 2018 – she said – 8.195 children and adolescents have disappeared in Mexico: almost two children each day, often with the complicity of policemen, military and public officers."
Adriana Gullotta, responsible for the 'Schools of Peace' of the Community of Sant’Egidio, emphasized the theme of peace education for young Europeans: "We need to seriousily confront ourselves with the fear and worries of young people, especially those in the periphery who lack opportunities. Often they will find comfort by commending themselves to strong leaders or they express their frustration in the competition with migrants. What reenforces the safety of children is a sense of belonging to a family and a social community. We need to cultivate the pride of being a European in the young people." The Schools of Peace offer an alphabet of understanding and belonging: "When I study - the children who attend them affirm - I'm able to respond with words."