Opening legal entry routes to Europe and turning foreigners into citizens

October 24 2022 - ROME, ITALY


Forum on migration policies at 'The Cry for Peace' meeting held at La Nuvola in Rome

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"Migrants are not an increase in workforce improving our GDP, but they want to participate fully in our national community, and contribute to make it better". This was stated by Daniela Pompei, head of the migrant, refugee and Roma services of the Community of Sant'Egidio, speaking at the forum "The Great Opportunity: Migrations and the Future" during the interreligious meeting "The Cry for Peace". "Supporting the integration process of young immigrants," explained Pompei, recalling how Italy is becoming less and less attractive for young migrants, "turns foreigners into true patriots. Concrete and urgent measures are needed, such as simplifying the process of recognising foreign qualifications, and investing in education and vocational training".

Alongside Pompei was Valentina Brinis, advocacy officer of the Spanish NGO Open Arms, who made an appeal to the Italian government: "Let us not forget the ethical impulse of the Mare Nostrum operation, which is the same as the doctors who worked against the Covid-19 pandemic," said Brinis. "Our country should develop migration policies not on the wave of emotions, but on real data. The time has come to promote legal and dignified access routes to Europe such as Sant'Egidio's humanitarian corridors".