Riccardi Andrea

Historian, Founder of the Community of Sant'Egidio

Andrea Riccardi

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[1950, Rome, ITALY].

Founder in 1968 of the Community of Sant'Egidio and Church historian.
An expert on contemporary humanistic thought, he is an authoritative voice in the international field. He has been a professor of Contemporary History at the University of Bari, the Sapienza University and the Third University of Rome. A contributor to numerous periodicals and newspapers, he is a scholar of the Church and the religious world in modern and contemporary times.
He has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Balzan Prize in 2004 for humanity, peace and brotherhood among peoples, the Charlemagne Prize in 2009, awarded to persons and institutions that have particularly distinguished themselves in the promotion of a united Europe and the promotion of a culture of peace and dialogue, and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2020.

Numerous universities have honoured him with honorary degrees: the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), the Card. Herrera - CEU Valencia (Spain), Georgetown University in Washington (USA), the University of Augsburg (Germany), the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (France) ('en raison de services éminents à la paix et à l'Université').
From 16 November 2011 to 27 April 2013, Andrea Riccardi was called to serve as Minister for International Cooperation and Integration in the technical government of Prof. Mario Monti. On 22 March 2015, he was elected President of the Dante Alighieri Society.

Andrea Riccardi has also played a mediating role in several conflicts and contributed to the achievement of peace in a number of countries, including Mozambique, Guatemala, Ivory Coast and Guinea. In 2003, 'Time' magazine listed him as one of Europe's thirty-six 'modern heroes' who have distinguished themselves through their professional courage and humanitarian commitment.
In June 2014, he appealed to the international community to save the city of Aleppo, Syria, where violence and fighting continue, with a huge number of civilian casualties.

In recognition of his commitment to peace in June 2018 he was awarded honorary citizenship of Assisi.
Among his most recent publications:  La sorpresa di papa Francesco (2014) Mondadori; Mediterraneo. Cristianesimo e Islam tra coabitazione e conflitto, (2014) Guerini e Associati; Angelo Roncalli. L'uomo dell'incontro (2014) San Paolo; Manifesto al mondo. Paolo VI all'ONU (2015) Jaca Book; La strage dei cristiani (2015) Edizioni Laterza; Periferie, Crisi e novità per la Chiesa (2016) Jaca Book; Tutto può cambiare. Conversazioni con Massimo Naro (2018) San Paolo, in which he retraces fifty years of the history and commitment of Sant'Egidio; La preghiera, la parola, il volto (2019) San Paolo; Roma. La Chiesa e la città nel XX secolo (2020) San Paolo; Italia carismatica (2021) Morcelliana; La Chiesa brucia. Crisi e futuro del cristianesimo (2021) Laterza. A new reflection on peace has just been published: La scelta per la pace. Meditations between the Bible and history, published by Morcelliana.


(October 2022)