Sako Louis Raphaël I

Cardinal, Patriarch of Babylon of Chaldeans, Iraq

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 (update October 2022)

[1948, IRAQ]
Important voice of the Iraqi Chaldean community, he is an expert in Islamic patrology and history, author of numerous publications. In 2003 he became archbishop of Kirkuk.
Baghdad Patriarch of the Chaldeans and member of the Vatican Dicasteries for Interreligious Dialogue and Catholic Education, he has received prizes and awards for his work of evangelization and defence of the faith in the scenarios of war and great violence in the Middle East. In this difficult phase of Iraqi life, he has intensified his commitment to dialogue and the return to peaceful coexistence between communities and faiths.
Elected cardinal in 2018, he has also been a member of the Holy See's Council for the Economy since 2022.