Morgante Vincenzo

Director of Tv2000, Italy

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 (updated October 2022)

He has been involved in external relations and journalism since 1987. He worked at Il Popolo, Avvenire and Il Sole 24 Ore before being hired by the Sicilian editorial staff of Rai in 1997.
He was a RAI Vatican expert during the Jubilee of 2000. In 2003 he was appointed head of the Sicilian editorial board of the TGR. During the management of him the quality of information of the newspaper grows.
He is a professor of social doctrine of the Church at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Sicily and has taught Theory and Techniques of Radio and Television Language at the University of Palermo.
In 2013 he took over the management of the central structure of the regional news programs. Under his direction, the structure is awarded the Biagio Agnes 2016 journalistic prize for television.
Since 2019 he has taken on the role of director of TV2000 and Radio InBlu.