8 Septiembre 2014 09:30 | Auditorium KBC


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Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad

Gran imán de la mezquita de Lahore, Pakistán

Honorable President! 

First of all I am thankful to the blessings of Almighty God that my mission and initiatives “to contribute for the good” is due to His kindness and blessings. I am thankful to the Community of Sant Egidio who has invited me for this great cause. I am thankful to its Management and Leadership, because this all happens due to their sincere efforts, which we see today in shape of this beautiful bunch; surely it is the sign of sincere leadership. I Salute to its leadership.

Distinguished Guests!

Today the topic which has been given to me is “Religions and Violence”. 

I will try my best to discuss it accordingly in the light of Quran and Islamic traditions and in the end I will suggest some recommendations and suggestions as well. 

Islam is the  religion of peace and well beings. The word Islam is a substance of Salam or Muslim and its meaning is submission and that is the true peace. To have the desired  Goals of Humanity the peaceful atmosphere is necessary. Islam is the name of this well being and today the world is in great need of the same. Islam is  not only  a religion; its complete code of life. Its influences  each activity of a person. There is a relation between human being and the Almighty God and also the relations between the whole community that  gives lesson of love with the enemies. Islam declares one murder, the murder of whole humanity and there is no difference between the Muslims and other religions on this issue.  God Almighty has said. Oh my Prophet (P.B.U.H) tell to the people that I have been sent for whole of you as Prophet. When the Prophet (P.B.U.H) is for the whole Humanity then His message of peace and well beings is for the whole Humanity. The religion Islam is for peace and safety of the society and  blessings amongst the community members. The following Ahadees reflect on the same, who do not pity on the humanity, the God Almighty does not take pity upon him. When a delegation from Najran( Christian people) came before our Prophet (P.B.U.H) then they stayed in Mosque of the prophet(PBUH) and dialogued with them and when the time of their prayers came a head, the Holly Prophet (P.B.U.H) asked them to offer their prayers according to their own religion. It was the lesson and character of our Prophet (P.B.U.H), which leads us towards the right way. 

Dear Guest:

The Teachings of Prophet (P.B.U.H) towards other religions; The teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) produce broad heartiest feelings about the other religions; that they should be treated equally and not to challenge  any religion. It has been said by Almighty God and Holy book of Quran. Your religion is for you and for me, my own religion. Our duty is only to act rightly   either someone acts on the same or not. We are not responsible for the same. Who wants to become Muslim from you or otherwise this mater is with the Almighty God. The Punishment and benefits will be given by the almighty god.

The God Almighty has described in Sura Al-Imran Ayat No. 64.


Oh,  the followers of book come forward to the things, which are common between you and us that we should not pray but of Almighty God and we should not confederate any one with Almighty God. In this verse the Almighty God had told us the way of dialogue and the things which are common  between us and the followers of book,( Christians and Jews) that we should pray to the Almighty God and we should not confederate with Almighty God, this verse gives us lesson of tolerance with the other religions and the things which can be agreed by both of us. We should be one on the above plate form. We should not attack on any one life, his property and respect. 

The Last Sermon of Prophet IPBUH): A historical chapter of Global peace; At the time of this historical lecture the prophet (P.B.U.H) said about the respect and dignity. People should obey the Almighty God and give protection to the lives, money and respect of the persons and adopt an equal way among the people. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said to the people  that your God is only one, your father is one and Arab has no privilege over non-Arab or  Non-Arab over Arab:  blacks on white or white over black has no preference but only based on Piety and abstinence. As you have your rights on the women and so the said rights are of the women upon you. The last message of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was received by the persons and it was announced that: - that today we have completed for you. Your religion and own blessings was also completed upon you. The Islam was accepted as your religion and liked for you.

At the time of victory of Makkah the Muslims started slogans with Excitement of Revenge and the people were looking that the Tyrants will be given the revenge of their oppression but the kindness of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) came  emotional and directed to stop and said that this day is not a day of fighting and war, it is not a day of taking revenge but to give forgiveness and blessings.

   This day is day of Pity and Kindness, peace and Safety. You all are free and there is no burden upon you. At this stage Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Embressed to Abu Sufian, who was the great enemy and was a great opponent of Nabuwat and declared him a general citizen at that time.

Respectable Audience;

In Pakistan  my father, Al Shaikh ul Ajam Wal Arab, Hazrat Maulana Dr Syed Muhammad Abdul Qadirr Azad, who for the  first time in the history of Pakistan, 35 years back,  took very bold initiative by starting  the interfaith negotiations, dialogues and announcing the acceptance of  the religious identities of all religions of the world. He said, the  nations of the world must  understand the  sensitivity  and nature of challenge and must define their specific role, that how to establish a society based on peace, harmony and tolerance.

   Whenever there happens any incident or tragedy in Pakistan like Shanti Nagar or Church of Bahawalpur Sangla Hill, Gojra or  Joseph Colony or attack on the Church of Peshawar and other related incidents. We have played an effective role with the blessing of God Almighty. When I met with Pope of Rome in Vatican city he appreciated about my role in Pakistan and Prayed for our efforts. We understand that the People who are living in Pakistan are Pakistanis; they belong to any religion.

Distinguished President:

I think it necessary to inform this distinguished house regarding two important initiatives . The first one when  I was visiting Rome-Italy and met with Pope in the Vatican City-he appreciated our work in Pakistan and prayed for us and for our peace work. Secondly, when the King of Saudi Arabia Khadim ul Haramainal Shareefain Malik Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz inaugurated the Makkah Interfaith Conference and also conveyed the message to the world , this was really an important initiative in the Islamic World. 

   Today in the world there are peoples  of every color and race and religions; Muslims, Jews,  Christians, Sikhs and Hindus and of other religions and to give safety to their lives and to give them proper respect is compulsory in Islam.

Today the world is faced with these challenges because of the scarcity of the resources . Religion is not  source  of conflicts. Religion must not be involved in these conflicts and issues. Religion is always giving the message of peace and love.

Distinguished Guests!

Today the Inter faith topic and work is too much necessary  for the leaders of different religions and the only hope to decrease the gaps. I forward Some Suggestions and recommendations:

•  That Inter Religious dialogues should be given more and more role  at International level.

•  It is necessary for the followers of each religion that they should adopt the way of respect, tolerance and  patience for other religions.   

•  All the religious leaders should be given such training on their platforms  to respect others religions.

•  The religious leaders should make a common inter-religious dialogue platform, to work on theses lines for the welfare of the humanity and should develop a neat and clean culture and every differences should be adjusted.


In the end I am again thankful to Sant Egidio  Rome and all the Managers of the Conference that they brought an important topic, with the title of Peace is the Future and on reaching Pakistan I will mention about your love and contributions for the humanity. Once again thank you very much Respected Prof. Dr. Andrre Ricarde  working as a bridge and connecting diverse communities for  the greater cause of Peace and Love. 

Thank you very much.