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Syuhud Sahudi Marsudi

Président de la «Nahdlatul Ulama», Indonésie

God blessed all the audience and  especially the committee who organized this event hopefully always be a blessing and protection of Allah and success in performing all their duties. Amen.

Today I have a good opportunity  to exchange and share  ideas and views  about  "Whoever Looks at God Sees Man" this  title,  in my opinion is closely related to the phrase "Whoever knows himself knows his God".    ( Man ‘arofa nafsahu faqod ‘arofa Robbahu ) “ It means to know God through His creation and recognize Him as a creator.

People who know God, they are easy to recognize the benefit of themself, and they should not be easy  to violate the rights of others, oppressing themself, spread destruction, chaos, and hostility in the earth, claime that they are the most correct among others and have no shame. But if we understand and recognize God through His teachings, we definitely will love, respect, and protect, all His creations in the world.

Following are the characteristics or signs of God's teachings that we can make it as a way of life together.

Firts: People Who Know God Feeling Afraid To Him.

People who know God feel fear Him. This groups is a category of people who are knowledgeable, who apply their knowledge according to the teachings of God as it says in the Quran ( Innama yachsyallah min ‘ibaadihil ulama )"Verily, Only those fear Allah , from among His servants, who have knowledge. Indeed,." (QS. Fatir: 28) .

God teaches us loving each other, they fears if the people can not  love one another, God teaches us to live in peace, they are afraid if the situation is turmoil, God taught us to respect each other,  they feared that the people hate each other. God teaches us a good morals,  they  are afraid if the nations have less morals. God teaches us to be honest , they are afraid if their followers doing corruption. They fear Allah if they can not practice His teachings, they are more happy to do something for God, than selling God for something. 

People who are in this group, are those who are the majority, but silent, then let us accompany them. They look at God Sees man. 

Something that makes this world more chaotic is because many people do not fear God, but they used the name of God and speak loudly to scare other people. Indeed, they want the position, but they suggested that the reason, the arguments used the name of God, they want to take power, using the name of God, they want wealth, luxury, they use the name of freedom of religion teaching to justify.

For people of this model, they prefer to speak in the name of God than in the name of humanity, they prefer to dress like a pious religious man, although he has not  understood well, they like the religious language more than the language of his people, they  prefer arguments rather than implementation, although the teachings say "Man arofa nafsahu faqod arafoa Robbahu " Whoever  knows himself, knows his God”. 

The question is, which is more valuable? doing something good among humans for religious purposes, or actually doing something to satisfy his own desires but be vested in God and the teachings of their religion.

Second: People Who Know God Always Remembering Death and the Hereafter. 

Everyone know that he is going to die, no one who would deny it. But in reality very few people prepare themselves for death. Most people even tried to forget about it with a variety of entertainment and activities. Death becomes the dreaded mystery. Though death can not be avoided. Yet for those who are aware of, and intend to deal with it, actually remembers the death is a very strong driving force to achieve a successful life in the world and the Hereafter. Because in the next life is determined by the life in the world. If the world planted many pious deeds then in thye Hereafter will reap rewards and goodness to get into heaven, if they commit a crime in the world then in the hereafter they will get punishment by going into the fires of hell.

People who forget about the coming of death and the hereafter tend to do things without any limit, because they do not know their risk, or those who have always longed for death but they have not good religious teaching doctrine, then they will register themselves to kill themself and even kill other people just because they have been indoctrinated that they will go straight to heaven, and they do not know that they have done something which is prohibited by religion. For these, our duty is to make them aware that their great religious spirit, is still not as big as himself spirit. That why, when “Man arofa Nafsahu faqod arofa robbahu”. Whoever  knows himself, knows his God.

Third: People Who Know God Not Fooled By Property. 

Many people thought that success, greatness, and the power of the state even be seen from the number of assets, so that the goal of their life focused only how to get the treasure as much as possible, they do not remember  that it will all be accountable in front of God and will be asked, where property is obtained, how to get it and for what it is used, all have each causal law.

High economic growth, sophisticated technology, great science, modern firepower, it will all be less beneficial to human life if it causes environmental damage, moral damage, prolonged conflict,  loss of a sense of human solidarity, and loss of a sense of security and peace, loss of trust between others, and mistrust one another. 

Then performs the goodness for survival of His creatures is to understand and implement his teachings. Whoever looks at himself sees God.

Fourth: People Who Know God then Sincere Worship to Him. 

Worship Allah is to do all the commandments of God and stay away from all his prohibitions. This is the rule of God for His creatures so that we can do good for all His creatures of this earth. For it to do anything if it contains the benefit, for humans being and His creatures, and his aim is only because of God, not due to something else, then it will become very high valuable worship. Messenger of Allah said, "Verily, every action is judged based on his intentions. 

Fifth: People Who Know God's Will Feel the sweetness of Faith.

Messenger of Allah said, "There are three cases, whoever has it, then he will taste the sweetness of faith ..." Among them, "Allah and His Messenger more than he loves everything besides the two." (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

Loving Allah and His Prophet is to carry out his teachings, instead of implementing something because of his lust, his personal desires, political ambition, which wrapped in the name of religion. 

The sweetness of faith will be felt by the entire nation if we can use and understand the words of sweetness, the sweetness of the association, the sweetness of togetherness, the sweetness of the difference, the sweetness of the circumstances, the sweetness of humanity. Because the real sweetness of our life is the sweetness of our faith.