Egyptian Arab Spring – Leader of the youth coalition of Tahrir Square: “The true victory was that of becoming proud of our country”


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Christians and Muslims, rich and poor, men and women: this was the picture of the Egyptian spring that captured the imagination of the world. In Munich, a leading figure, Rami Shaath, head of the youth coalition of Tahrir Square, gave an account of the Egyptian spring at the conference “Bound to Live Together”. “We marched all together to topple a regime and raise our head. Because the real victory was that of being able to once again be proud of our country. We can rebuild our society if we open our minds and hearts. The revolution showed the wealth that comes out of the diversity of the Egyptian culture. Diversity was an added value”.
”The attacks of September 11 were the wrong response to a real injustice that led to the invasion of Iraq and their exploitation. On the other hand, the Egyptian revolution was a non-violent demonstration, a request for democracy and freedom, social justice and peace”
Diversity as an opportunity was also the theme of a speech by Mouna Fouad, a Christian Copt who talked about how his community progressed from fear to participation: “We must work together, Christians and Muslims, to teach everyone how to live with our diversity. We have to change our mentality in order to build a free and modern country. The future of Egypt is in our hands”.