Universal fraternity and the care for the environment. In a short video, Marco Impagliazzo introduces the Meeting of Peace and Dialogue "Peoples as Brothers, Future Earth". #FraternityForFuture

October 2 2021


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Marco Impagliazzo introduces the Meeting of Prayer for Peace in the spirit of Assisi "Peoples as Brothers, Future Earth" in Rome on 6 and 7 October 2021.


«"Peoples as Brothers, Future Land" is the title of the next Meeting of dialogue and prayer for peace that the Community of Sant'Egidio proposes in the spirit of Assisi. It will be held in Rome on 6 and 7 October and we are very pleased that Pope Francis will participate.

It is a meeting that works on the positive perspective of rebirth and reconstruction of a world that is emerging from the pandemic. Personalities from the worlds of religion, politics, civil society and culture from 40 countries will gather in Rome. This alone is already good news, that tells us how the vaccination campaign is giving new possibilities to many peoples and nations.

The two themes, universal brotherhood and Future Earth, care for the environment, are at the heart of our meeting.
Universal fraternity, in the sense that fraternity is certainly a Christian theme, but that it also has a universal value, which shows us that we are all brothers and sisters, part of a single human family that is trying to emerge and that is able to emerge together from this serious health, economic and social crisis of Covid-19. Because we can only be saved together, we are all in the same boat, as we said last year in Rome.
And then the care for the environment, which is certainly the care for the environment in which we live, for our Mother Earth, as Saint Francis of Assisi would say, but which is also the care for the Earth from the wars that cause destruction, that cause deaths, that cause millions of displaced people.

We will come together around these two themes, showing that we can walk together. In Rome, the religions have the task to show that we can walk together, starting from the diversity that is inherent to every religion, on these two themes, if we want to save the world and if we want to work for a world that is very different from the one that the pandemic has given us or into which we have entered because of the pandemic.

I take the opportunity to invite everyone to participate in attendance or online, at a distance, in this event, through the social networks of the Community of Sant'Egidio, because we are convinced that the more we walk together, the better the world of tomorrow will be».