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September 10 2012 09:30

PANEL 8 - Religions in Asia: Giving Development a Soul


Agostino Giovagnoli

Historian, Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy


Thero Gnanarama

Rector of the Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore

Pierre Morel

Director of “Pharos Observatory. Cultural & religious pluralism”, France

Muneto Nikai

Journalist, Japan

Franco Sottocornola

Interreligious Dialogue Center Shinmeizan, Japan

Didi Talwalkar

Leader of the Swadhyaya Movement, India

Siti Musdah Mulia

Representative of the “Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace”

September 10 2012 16:30

PANEL 18 - Living Together in the Era of Globalisation


Paul Poupard

Cardinal, Holy See


Mahmoud Azab

Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Hilde Kieboom

Community of Sant’Egidio, Belgium

Maroun Lahham

Catholic Archbishop, Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Abdelfattah Mourou

First Vice-President of the Parliament, Tunisia

Isak Haleve

Chief Rabbi of Turkey

Guirguis Ibrahim Saleh

Orthodox Coptic Intellectual, Egypt

September 11 2012 09:30

PANEL 27 - Minorities in the Era of Globalisation


Laurent Ulrich

Catholic Archbishop, France


Zeinab Ahmed Dolal

“Peoples of Peace” Movement

Ghaleb Bader

Catholic Archbishop, Algeria

Paul Bhatti

President of the Alliance of All Minorities in Pakistan

Kotel Da-Don

Chief Rabbi of Croatia

Homi Dhalla

Zoroastrianism, India

Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Catholic Archbishop, Apostolic Administrator of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Holy Land

Rita Prigmore

Sinta woman, survived at Porrajmos