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September 7 2015 09:30

PANEL 3 : Christians and Muslims and the Challenges of a Global World


Michel Santier

Catholic Bishop, France


Sayyed Mohammad Ali Abtahi

President of the Institute for Interreligious Dialogue, Iran

Anouar Kbibech

President of the "Conseil Français du Culte Musulman" (CFCM), Morocco

Muhja Ghalib

Dean of the Female Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of al-Azhar, Egypt

Klaus Krämer

President of Missio Aachen, Germany

Siti Musdah Mulia

Representative of the “Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace”

Guirguis Ibrahim Saleh

Orthodox Coptic Intellectual, Egypt

Joseph Soueif

Catholic Archbishop of the Maronite Church, Cyprus

September 7 2015 16:30

PANEL 12 : Stories of the Mediterranean: a Sea that Both Divides and Unites


Joseph Soueif

Catholic Archbishop of the Maronite Church, Cyprus


Crescenzio Sepe

Cardinal, Archbishop of Naples, Italy

Alvaro Albacete

Vicesegretario generale per le Relazioni Esterne del “KAICIID”

Khadija Bengana

Journalist of Al Jazeera, Algeria

Jaume Castro

Community of Sant’Egidio, Spain

Nedim Gürsel

Writer, Turkey

Tarek Mitri

American University of Beyrouth, Lebanon

Isak Haleve

Chief Rabbi of Turkey

September 8 2015 09:30

PANEL 21 : The Poor of Our Times and Religions


Angelo Massafra

Catholic Archbishop, President of the Episcopal Conference of Albania


Rashid al-Husseini

Al-Mustafa Foundation, Iraq

Riccardo Di Segni

Chief Rabbi of Rome, Italy

Voitto Huotari

Lutheran Bishop, Finland


Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop, Albania

Armand Puig I Tàrrech

Catholic Theologian, Spain