Church of Saint Callistus

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September 30 2013 09:00

Panel 2

Hope Today


Mary Tanner

Co-President of the World Council of Churches, United Kingdom


Johan Jozef Bonny

Catholic Bishop, Belgium

Cyrille Salim Bustros

Greek Catholic Archbishop, Lebanon


Orhodox Metropolitan Bishop, Church of Greece

Marco Tasca

Minister of the Minor Conventual Friars, Italy

Anders Wejryd

Co-President of the World Council of Churches

September 30 2013 16:30

Panel 11

Describing the World: Information and Peace


Angelo Scelzo

Vice Director of the Holy See Press Office


Daniel Deckers

Journalist of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

M'hamed Krichen

Journalist of Al-Jazeera, Tunisia

Enric Juliana

Vice Director of “La Vanguardia”, Spain

Maria Paz López

President of the “International Association of Religion Journalists”, Spain

Mario Orfeo

Director of TG1, Italy

Jean-Claude Petit

Journalist and Writer, France

Victor Simpson

Journalist, “Associated Press”, USA

October 1 2013 09:30

Panel 27

Religions in Globalised Asia


Agostino Giovagnoli

Historian, Community of Sant’Egidio, Italy


Joseph Coutts

Cardinal, Archbishop of Karachi, Pakistan

Gulab Kothari

Writer, Director of the Rajasthan Patrika, India

Felix Anthony Machado

Catholic Archbishop, India

Shoten Minegishi

Soto Zen Buddhist monk, Japan

Pierre Morel

Director of “Pharos Observatory. Cultural & religious pluralism”, France

Masahiro Sato

Director of Intercultural Research Institute of Meiji Jingu, Japan

Din Syamsuddin

President of the Centre for Dialogue and Cooperation among Civilizations, Indonesia